About us


Custom House Interiors is a small bespoke furniture manufacturer who have been working in Wales producing high quality handmade furniture for discerning clients throughout the North West for over ten years.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful bespoke furniture of all kinds. From kitchen to cinema, bedroom to boot room and beyond, we’ll create a truly unique solution for your home.

We work closely with our clients to insure once the design consultation process is complete we are able to deliver furniture which not only looks and functions beautifully but is as individual as you are.

As our client you can rest assured we can take your initial concept and create a reality which exceeds your expectations.

The cornerstone of our continued success is recommendation from past clients and repeat business from customers moving to new properties or simply deciding to renovate or re fit second homes.

We do not advertise in printed media but prefer to concentrate our efforts on maintaining a level of service which insures a full order book for the future.

The service we provide differs from the majority of other manufacturers in that we pride ourselves on being truly ‘bespoke’. Many companies use this term incorrectly to describe what is merely a ‘made to measure’ product, with a choice of several styles and colours made to suit your room.

We design from scratch for every client and are able to offer choice on every element of the furniture without limitation. We can copy existing furniture if need be for heritage work or design to a particular taste, providing an actual door in the finish and style chosen for approval prior to manufacture if desired.